There we are.  Let's meet Louise's dailly life.


Where her amazing formulas come to reality.  Nothing less than the essential : high qualitiy ingredients in repspect of both nature and human.

In order to keep the best of those ingredients, her soaps are made according to ancient cold saponification.

She is going to surprise you with her soap, facial mask and toothpaste.


Louise love being surrounded by nature. So, her medicinal palnts grow up around her workplace.  They create a wonderful painting for the eyes and the best resources possible for her products.


One of the most important challenge of Louise is to transmit her knowledge and know-how.  She chose to open her laboratory to travelers for one morning or more and to share knowledge, point of view and good time!


Louise knows the best way to receive the best of Ouessant island... It's simply in staying there for a while and take the time to learn from the strength of the wind, from the balance in between earth and sea... just listen to the nature.